Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of the most asked questions, if you have a question not covered in this document or a suggestion related to this document please email to questions(at)
-team PoetryDig

How To Stop Email Alerts?

  1. login to your account
  2. goto your profile
  3. click edit profile
  4. un-check the email alert option
  5. click save changes

Browser Compatibility

Supported in All modern browsers!!!

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Android Browser
  • Internet Explorer

Mobile Support

YES using media queries and a clever design our site got 100/100 google score for user experience - mobile and desktop see results

How To Run Poetry Contests?

Its very simple to do -
  1. login
  2. click start a poetry contest
  3. choose options and details
  4. click 'save changes'
  5. read and comment on all entries
  6. contests end automatically
  7. click continue to judging
  8. to award current poem click
  9. gold, silver or bronze
  10. repeat until done
  11. click done to finalize judging

What do the topmost buttons do?

  • love....home
  • happy....contests
  • cry....messages
  • cry....dashboard

How To Use EmotIcons?

  • love....[love]
  • happy....[happy]
  • sad....[sad]
  • cry....[cry]
  • mad....[mad]
  • wink....[wink]
  • fire....[fire]
example: great poem [happy]

How To Delete My Free Account?

No need at this time - it will be an intuitive process in the next software update - release date TBD for now e-mail: support(at)

What If I Lost My Password?

Use this password recovery tool!

What Are Mana Points?

Mana is our point system - used to rank poets and their poems - coming soon

How Do I Earn Mana Points?

Mana points are earned by rating & reviewing as well as posting poems & receiving reviews- this way we can gage where you rank compared to other members and their website activity score-

Still Have Questions, Or Suggestions:

please feel free at any time to send us an email: team-dig(at)

updated on August 29, 2016