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The Book Of Kether.
poem by: Peter Burnell

The Book of Kether. Faith eternal, everlasting come to me and show thy light Hope with truth and goodness shining help me through my darkest night Reveal to me your hidden meaning for I need your strength to bear Help me Lord; oh love eternal so I need not fear despair Shadows chase and memories taunt me, tear my senses to the ground Give me strength of Wondrous Spirit so these chains they need not bound Release me from my chains of bondage and show me your eternal grace For when I know you bide within me then I'll truly know my place Dark nights come and strife doth take me fills my head all full of woe But my heart it understands it and from suffering my Soul doth grow Emotional heartache be my burden and stress of life I understand For purities my one attainment and with this to obey command God eternal, God within me give me strength I need your faith To deal with troubled situations and to know I'm truly safe Love eternal, unconditional come to me and ease my shame Lift my consciousness Great Spirit give me hope to ease my pain Light within me take my darkness for in ignorance I doth walk Let me feel your healing power, let me hear your wisdom talk Let me walk without fear in favour for with you I stand up tall Let me light my one desire let my sorrow quickly fall Hear my words oh truth eternal guide me through this maze of life Let your shoulders be my pivot let your power be my knife Let me walk in understanding let me take the Path of Light Give me strength oh pool of knowledge, strength to deal with any slight For Thine's the power oh Great Wisdom and in thy glory bliss shines through Past and present future pending but with you time had no clue
Peter Burnell © 16 Jul 2017

Category: wisdom
Posted: 2 weeks ago
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stats Authors Notes:
Just finished an epic called Amanda the legend that is Arascain, you can find it on my website, hope you enjoy it

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Peter Burnell © 16 Jul 2017

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