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PoetryDig.com Terms & Conditions

By using our site, you signify your at least 13 years old. or you have explicit permission appropriated by a primary caregiver with custodial responsibility. only publish your original poetry, if its of an adult nature please note it as so. never publish or upload inappropriate photos or images of any kind, always cite the origin of anything you do post. never give out your email or password to anyone, if you are every asked for this information, contact admin(at)PoetryDig.com with a copy of the email, please include the email-header information. no stalking, bulling or sex chatting of any kind will be tolerated! report exploits or scams, inappropriate content to admin(at)poetrydig.com

If you do not agree to our terms, please do not make use of our website. continued use following any updates or changes to our terms will be deemed your acceptance of said terms.

Any questions or comments about The poetrydig website Terms & Conditions, or about the practices of our site, please do feel free to contact us here thank you.

Last Update: August 29, 2016